What students are saying...

  • "Point Break has helped me to open my eyes and see that it is not just me and my family and friends in the world. Other people are going through the same stuff I am."
  • "Point Break helped me realize how many other people have the same issues going on that I do. I also noticed how talking on others or teasing can lead to serious problems and make someone depressed."
  • "I don’t make fun of a lot of people anymore. I am aware of how much people hurt inside and I learned that listening to other people can really change your life and their life."
  • "It made me feel for others around me. It helped me find more out about myself. It showed me that others around me can relate to the issues I’ve been through in the past."
  • "Many adults never talk to me as an equal or share their past with me and at PB, not only did the adults open up but so did some of my fellow students. It helped me realize that people still have some good in them buried deep down somewhere inside of them. The past is filled with mistakes. The future is strong if you learn from those mistakes."
  • "It has taught me that even when I’m playing around and call people names that I can hurt them. After PB I became friends with a lot of the people I used to mess with. It opened up an opportunity to have better and more relationships with people. Thank you guys so much for the experience."

What Administrators are saying...

  • "You can't imagine the impact PointBreak has had on our kids, our school and even our community. I get calls daily from grateful parents who say their son or daughter is a changed person and the school has a kinder, gentler feel. Of course, everyone is asking to have you back next year." -Bea Landing, Vice Principal, Bishop Union High School
  • "I was shocked by the amount of personal pain many students shared at the PointBreak workshop. Many students revealed anguish and hurt they carry; it was a very emotional day. Our experience at the workshop underscores the importance of making sure students are connected to outlets that help them deal with their stresses in a positive manner. The fast pace of modern society, the many expectations placed upon students to perform, and personal challenges are stressing our young adults like never before. I am inspired by the way students come together to support one another, and I continue to be impressed with the manner in which PointBreak runs follow-up activities. PointBreak is making a difference on our campus and for our community." -Brent Mattix, Assistant Principal, Granite Bay High School
  • Initially, I was skeptical when I first heard about Point Break. I knew that we had a need but I was unsure if this program was the way to meet that need. And then I participated in Point Break. I was a believer. It was truly eye opening watching students "Cross the Line". To see the number of our students letting other students see that they were not alone was so powerful. We have a diverse student population; I know that Point Break has done much towards breaking down the barriers between students and student groups. I wholeheartedly recommend Point Break; I also recommend that every adult on campus participate with the students. It is a great program.-Jon Coleman, Assistant Principal, Roseville High School
  • Point Break is a life changing event in the life of students. Students who participate in the Point Break event learn to break down walls and see others differently. It has been an immense pleasure of mine to watch each student feel part of something bigger than their self and to return to their campus with new eyes and a new heart. I recommend that every student attend the workshop at least once.-Valerie Erb, Teacher, Roseville High School

Formal Research

Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. (BCG) was engaged by Campus Life to conduct a research study of the Point Break Program to independently investigate its effectiveness in positively impacting the attitudes, behaviors, and values of teenage high school students. BCG is a Human Resource consulting firm that specializes in Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action research and consulting and personnel test development and validation (see company description in the Appendix). Three Sacramento-area schools (Rocklin, Roseville, and Elk Grove) were involved in the research study by collectively sending over 300 students through Point Break sessions that were held at their schools or local community centers. [ Read the full report ]

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