What is Point Break?

PointBreak is an all-day violence prevention workshop for schools and groups that addresses both cultural and personal issues of respect, tolerance and reconciliation. PointBreak brings middle and high school classmates together to deal with such issues as bullying, racism, violence, respect, tolerance, and unity, as well as issues such as personal pain, anger and self-destructive behavior.  As momentum builds, students are compelled to deal with significant issues in their lives.

What if we can change lives in a single day?

Through this six-hour workshop, educational and social barriers that exist between students begin to evaporate. High-energy activities, interaction with caring adults and relevant discussion (regarding bullying, painful life experiences and emotional expression) allow Point Break to draw students together, focusing on empathy and respect. Students respond to the day's challenges with self-reflection and the acknowledgement of personal responsibility. The end result is students who begin to pursue immediate behavioral change.

Students not only discuss compassion, they participate in it! They not only talk about respect, they experience it! Reconciliation takes place right before their eyes as students share their own pain and come to grips with how it has affected them as well as those around them.

We can change lives in a single day!

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